Amazing Reasons to Add Sesame Oil in Your Bridal Beauty Routine

The highly nourishing sesame oil is known for its various benefits. It is widely known as the healing oil because of its properties such as, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, etc. In addition, the sesame oil is used for various culinary purposes. But, the benefits of this wonderful oil do not end just with this. It has several amazing beauty benefits too, and is an important ingredient in several beauty products.

It is particularly recommended to the soon-to-be-brides to use natural products to take care of their skin and hair. Hence, here are some of the proven reasons why you should include this oil in your beauty regime.

Moisturises the skin

Sesame oil contains essential fatty acids including oleic, palmitic, stearic and linoleic acid. These components make it an excellent moisturiser. Using sesame oil as a moisturiser on regular basis helps to keep the skin soft and smooth. Since this oil has a strong fragrance, you can mix it with some other essential oils like almond or rose to reduce it. You can also put some drops of it in bathing water to curb the problem of dry skin.



Enhances blood circulation

Good circulation is essential for healthy and glowing skin. Due to its high viscosity, the oil can go deep into the skin,heal damaged skin cells, and help improve blood circulation all through the body.Using sesame oil for daily massage can help to remove toxins from the skin.Regular usage will leave you with luminous skin that is free of dirt and germs. 




Makes the hair healthier

Sesame oil not just does magic to your skin, but it also makes your hair healthier and shinier. Massage your scalp regularly with sesame oil, and enjoy the new shine and strength in your lovely locks. Also, if you are suffering from dandruff, dry scalp, or hair loss, this oil is your best bet. The penetrating properties of sesame oil nourish the scalp as well as hair from deep within, hence giving it a healthy glow.